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We have a range of water borne adhesives to suit every type of application. They are based on Natural and Synthetic sources offering superior adhesion, above average shelf life, ideal pH values and a range of viscosities. read more


Our Calor® range of coatings cover most industries from metals, marine, appliances, buildings/interiors, automotive, construction etc. Our coatings are based on Alkyds, Epoxies and Polyurethanes. read more

Modified Starch

We subject starch to physical and chemical modification, which results in excellent properties making it possible for use in a variety of applications for the paper conversion industry. read more

Who we are?

Our company was started in the year 1992. Within a short time, we have established our presence as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Modified Starch and Dextrines for the packaging industry.

We have been at mastering the art of manufacturing high quality dextrines and powder adhesives for industrial packaging, and have been successful in offering consistently superior grades. Besides this, we also offer superior water borne adhesives based on starch, dextrines and synthetics. read more